Guest Perks

Many vendors offer perks to your guests such as a complimentary round of bubbly, appetizer, or dessert. Perks are given to guests on your behalf.


Easy Door to Door Maps

Print convenient door to door maps from your hotel to the booked destination. Modify maps for driving, walking, even subway directions.


Concierge Bonuses

All vendors offer basic rewards through Reservation Genie. Some offer great bonuses on top! Our reporting tools make it easy to track.


Mobile Optimized Ticketing

During the booking process you have the option to send guests SMS confirmation. They can show these to vendors for easy confirmation.

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Looking for an Online Reservation System?

Other reservation systems seem focused on charging cover fees. We're all about smart tools that encourage customer loyalty, measure your advertising, and grow your referrals.

What Does the Genie Have to Say?

We love the internet and all the smart ways you can use it to generate more business. On the Reservation Genie Blog we share ideas on getting more out of your online marketing.

April 5, 2019 How to Get More 5 Star Ratings on Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google,...

We created a way to help our clients improve their review site ratings on popular review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, and Facebook. We automatically send a text message to all customers the day after their reservation asking them to rate their experience. If the outcome is less than 5 stars, we ask for feedback and post those comments in a report. If it's 5 stars, we encourage customers to write a review on the sites more

December 14, 2017 Sell Virtual Gift Cards from your Website

Reservation Genie released a virtual gift card tool for our clients today. We manage many of our clients websites and will add a snazzy promotion to your website for you. Other clients are welcome to add it themselves. The tool works with the help of industry leading online merchant solution Stripe. After you set up a Stripe account and link it to Reservation Genie, all it takes is adding a Gift Cards button to your homepage and pointing it at your personal gift card tracking link in a process very similar to adding a reservations button. more

September 28, 2017 Promote Restaurant Off Peak Hours with Diamond Tables

Restaurant owners can now promote their restaurant off peak hours with Diamond Tables. Reservation Genie rolled out a new website for members called the Diamond Tables Club that focuses exclusively on promoting slow days and times at restaurants with a special incentive for customers. The system is designed to combat known issues with Open Table's 1000 point table model, weak customers from concepts like Groupon, and the poor sales + bad reviews associated with restaurant week more

November 7, 2016 5 Steps to Optimize your Restaurant Web Presence in Google

We routinely rebuild and optimize our clients’ websites as part of a upgrade package we offer. Reservation Genie benefits when our clients have good websites as that leads to more reservations and happier customers. So we do it for a lot less than your typical web design shop. The first step is to audit your current site and see where there's room for improvement. more

July 3, 2016 Zerve Alternative tour reservation management system with a c...

Nick Gray, a Zerve customer, reported they are shutting down. The Wall Street Journal confirmed it. Zerve offered a unique tour reservation system that was loved by many tour operators and now their customers may be forced to find a new system quickly. Reservation Genie can offer a quick alternative with unique concierge management tools to help you manage your tour more

May 18, 2015 Automated Email Marketing and Restaurant Loyalty Program

Restaurants can increase customer visits per year using Reservation Genie's loyalty tools that merge Automated Email Marketing with a Restaurant Loyalty Program that is based on completing reservations. Why put an Open Table widget on your website when they steer your customers towards your competitors that pay premiums to be featured as 1000 point tables? Reservation Genie will drive them back to your restaurant. more

March 23, 2015 Help Lower Restaurant Menu Prices and End Patron Cover Fees

We recently rolled out our new Search & Filter platform in our primary cities. This is most notable in New York City where restaurants are working together to support a reservation system that doesn't lead to cover fees from patrons regardless of how they book. There you can search for available tables by date, time, and party size as well as filter results by cuisine and neighborhood. more

June 22, 2014 Many Restaurants see their Google Places Profile Hijacked

We're seeing a lot of restaurants getting their Google Business Profile Hijacked by online ordering companies, mobile app ordering, and social media promoters. This effectively drives website visitors from your site to theirs and is the smartest black hat search engine optimization technique I've seen in more

March 4, 2014 Building a Successful Concierge Referral Program

Courting concierges to send their guests to your business requires building a relationship. A lot of restaurants think that by passing out free appetizer cards concierges will suddenly start sending them hundreds of customers every week. While offering a guest perk to concierges is something we highly recommend, it's more about building a relationship with the concierge. You have to ensure them their guests will have a great experience and demonstrate that you appreciate their referrals. more

January 13, 2014 Mobile Restaurant Reservation System Lowers Open Table's Fees...

Our Mobile Optimized Restaurant Reservation System helps lower Open Table fees by reducing friction associated with managing two inventories and enables restaurants to get the best of both worlds. Now every manager can access and manage reservations from their phones as well as block their inventory when they get slammed. Restaurants managing two systems are seeing an average increase of 20% in overall more

December 2, 2013 Hidden Costs of the Open Table Booking Widget

Open Table can turn into an addiction for restaurants...financially pleasurable in the beginning, but a resulting in a long term dependency that results in paying for the regular customers with no net gain in business. Just say no to the Open Table booking widget and try the Reservation Genie Rehab for your Open Table more

November 10, 2013 Four Reasons to add a Reservation Genie Restaurant Booking Wi...

Building a free booking community takes time and initiative. Why send your customers to a system that will incentivize them to visit your competitors when you can send them to one that encourages them to come back to your restaurant? It all starts with adding a restaurant booking widget to your website. Adding one of these to your website can help you lower cover fees, drive repeat business, increase reservation conversion, and build a free booking community at the same more

October 10, 2013 10 Steps to Better Restaurant Website Design

We didn't mean to get into the restaurant website design business. It started out with just helping a client add a reservations link to their website. Some were concerned they were being overcharged by web designers and couldn't tell if they were being sold useless bells and whistles. We eventually decided to offer it to clients for $500 a more

August 2, 2013 Free Booking Community Alternative to Rezbook for Restaurants

I wasn’t too surprised a couple of weeks ago when Yelp bought SeatMe. I mean, I was surprised they paid 12.7 million for a system with 104 restaurant clients as that comes to about $121k per restaurant. But I was surprised to see Open Table buy Rezbook yesterday. Mostly because with 2000 restaurants and the price per restaurant set by the recent SeatMe purchase implies the going rate would be 242 million. more

May 23, 2013 Restaurant Table Management Software Alternative to Open Table

We have been building a restaurant table management software alternative to Open Table by adding layers to the concept over time. Our version is responsive, which means that it works on any device. That means you can use it on an Ipad, Android tablet, laptop, regular computer, or a 23" All-in-One touch screen computer (our favorite option) more

April 16, 2013 5 Steps to Lower Open Table Invoices Using Reservation Genie

Open Table benefits by getting more people to skip the restaurant’s website entirely and book directly through Open Table. There they can steer customers towards 1000 point tables and rake in even higher profits. The trick is drive as many people as possible to book directly through your website where they will cost less than booking directly through the Open Table website. This blog posts talks about more

January 4, 2013 Mobile Optimized Websites for Restaurants and Tours

We manage websites for a lot of our clients. Several have been approached by web designers encouraging them to spend heavily on a custom built mobile optimized website. While that may be a worthwhile investment if the price is right, in most cases mobile users only need a few key features. We were able to build all of those using data we already store in Reservation Genie. So we went rolled it out as a perk for being a Reservation Genie customer. more

October 16, 2012 Compare Your Restaurant Website Traffic to Typical Results

The online marketing game can be a little overwhelming for restaurant owners. I feel the same way in a kitchen. It starts with learning to use Google Analytics to measure your website performance. But since stats are really only as useful as the data you compare them to, and even if you have Google Analytics set up already, you need a comparison test to truly gauge your results. So, we sampled 10 of the restaurant websites we manage and put together some metrics to give you something to measure your results against. more

June 14, 2012 Special Offer for Restaurants Leaving Open Table

We decided to offer a 90 day free trial to restaurants that have left Open Table as a way to explore Reservation Genie risk free. We figure restaurants that left Open Table probably didn't like their billing structure, so our $49 monthly fee and lack of cover fees from regular customers might appeal to them. The 90 day free trial will give them time to see that customers are A-OK booking reservations through other systems (the end result for customers is the same...they just want a reservation). Restaurants are so nervous they'll lose business that they feel trapped by Open Table. more

November 29, 2011 Cool Reports to Track Restaurant Advertising and Reservations

We overhauled our reporting section today and added interactive graphs that allow you to view your data in interesting and insightful ways. If Peter Drucker is right, and what gets measured really does get managed, then our goal is to give management a few more resources and some added transparency. We rolled out new reporting pages for all the following reservation more

September 12, 2011 Reservation Genie Launches Alternative Rewards Program to Ope...

We updated our VIP system today so that it rewards the top 10 most active customers with VIP perks at participating venues. The idea is to combine the gamification principles behind successful concepts like Foursquare and Gowalla with discounts for loyalty in a way that benefits both the customer AND THE RESTAURANT. We don't charge a percentage of the deal like Groupon or cover fees like Open Table; restaurants give perks directly to the customer. By eliminating the middle man, restaurants can afford to be more generous, which translates into better deals for guests over time. Because at least one visit at regular prices is required to become a VIP, this new program also eliminates the attraction of "couponers" who move from deal site to deal site looking for more